Right to Build Task Force and the Toolkit.

The Right to Build Task Force supports Local Authorities, community groups and other organisations across the UK, helping them deliver large, affordable custom and self build projects.

Its website is the Right to Build Toolkit, which is run by NaCSBA. This is a free resource that’s an invaluable reference for anyone working to deliver Custom or Self-build in the UK. In addition, it’s also a vital source of information and support for community-led groups, such as cohousing or Community Land Trusts, helping them to move their projects through a series of goals from inception to development.

What’s on the Toolkit?

The Toolkit has the following sections filled with advice offering support and examples of best practice.

Information about the Task Force – what it is, and how it works.

Models – an in-depth overview of routes to owner-commissioned homes: individual projects, group projects and council-led initiatives.

Briefing notes – an essential set of guidance on a range of phases in the process: Introduction, Initiation, Action and Promotion/Technical

Case Studies – detailed examples of Custom, Self-build and community group projects from the UK and Europe, with learnings to borrow.

Expos – a list of events and expos that the Task Force is involved with.

Forum – a professional-focused resource where stakeholders can get support from their industry peers.

In addition, you can keep up to date with news about the Right to Build Task Force, here.

How to get support?

The Task Force has a vast amount of online help that’s currently free for anyone to access, and the Expos run across the UK, and are affordable – or free, depending on your status. For example NaCSBA members and community groups can attend for free.

The Task Force itself operates similar to a consultancy, with users paying for slots of time, although community groups can get help at a reduced rate for the first five days. To find out more register your interest by downloading a form.


In 2014/15, the Nationwide Foundation funded NaCSBA to run a major R&D programme to help more people build their own affordable homes.

At the end of 2015, NaCSBA published the Custom and Self Build Toolkit, aimed at communities, planners, and public and private sector housing providers – all of whom may need guidance on how to facilitate more opportunities for people who want to build their own homes. This has now been renamed as the Right to Build Toolkit.

The Toolkit also hosts and gives up to date information about the Right to Build Task Force.

In most other countries, between a third to a half of all new homes are organised or built by people themselves, yet in the UK less than 10% are currently delivered this way.

Because of this and prior to the Toolkit’s launch, a year-long research programme examined identifying factors for why other European countries deliver a much higher proportion of their new homes via self build, which fed directly into the Right to Build Toolkit.

In addition, the work examined whether new financial products would help the sector grow and make it easier for people in need of affordable housing to access loans.

The work focussed on two main issues – how to create ready-to-go, modestly priced serviced building plots and how communities can collaborate to jointly commission their own homes.

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