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Duncan Hayes manages the Marketing and Communications of NaCSBA, the Right to Build Portal, Self Build Portal and the Right to Build Task Force.

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Duncan Hayes

NaCSBA/Right to Build press release archive

30 November 2017 – 33,000 people sign up to the Right To Build Registers 

22 November 2017 – NaCSBA responds to the Autumn Budget

17 August 2017 – NaCSBA’s Task Force Announces Deputy Ambassadors

06 May 2017 – Self Build on a Shoestring 2017

28 February 2017 – NaCSBA’s Task Force announces first organisation to receive support

10 February 2017 – NaCSBA Task Force Launch

10 October 2016 – Self Build on Shoestring Shortlist announced


Older releases


17 November 2013 – Innovative zero energy cohousing project in Lancaster wins top 2013 self build award

5 October 2013 – Low-cost steel structure scoops the top prize in the ‘Self Build on a Shoestring’ design competition

4 October 2013 – Innovative ideas make it perfectly possible to build a home for four people for significantly less than £50,000

19 September 2013 – Progress report points to a new wave of self/custom build projects which could deliver around 3,000 additional homes

13 September 2013 – ‘Matchmaking database’ will help link major housebuilders with specialist custom build developers and enabling consultants

8 July 2013 – Finding land is definitely the biggest challenge for would-be self builders

16 July 2013 – Grand Designs Live challenges the nation to enter new ‘Self Build on a Shoestring’ competition in association with NaCSBA

8 July 2013 – New guide helps small builders and developers cash in on the expected growth in the custom build sector

19 June 2013 – New web tool will helps thousands of self builders find building plots

6 May 2013 – New guide to help public sector organisations encourage and support more self building

5 May 2013 – Could you design a simple self build home for a family of four that can be constructed for less than £50,000?

3 May 2013 – Britain’s six million wannabe self builders will be the focus of the first ever ‘National Self Build Week’

3 May 2013 – Self builders present planning minister with nine ideas for making it easier to deliver more self build homes

13 March 2013 –‘National Self Build Week’ launches to help millions turn their self build dreams into a reality

12 March 2013 – One in eight Brits expect to research or plan building their own home in the next 12 months


30 November 2012 – New Guidance Launched To Help Planners And Developers ‘Enable’ Thousands Of Additional Self Build Homes Each Year

23 November 2012 – Scottish couple win top self build award

10 September 2012 – Average cost of building plots drops in third quarter of 2012

September 2012 – New Community Infrastructure charges force self builders to cut back on their homes, or scrap their self build projects

7 May 2012 – All-party MP’s group calls for a significant growth in the self-build sector

April 2012 – Planners need to prepare now for the self build revolution