National Custom and Self Build Association Press Releases

NaCSBA Campaigns

Beyond official news releases, NaCSBA runs a range of campaigns, details of which can be found on our campaigns pages. These are focused around giving more people the opportunity to create a home through Self or Custom Building. 

Right to Build Day – assessing planning authority around the first close of a base period for the Right to Build

Help to Build – an alternative to the Help to Buy equity loan that supports the new-build market

Right to Build Portal – connecting the public with their local Right to Build registers

Right to Build Policy Commission – improving the situation for the sector around land, planning and finance

Right to Build Toolkit – the home of the Right to Build Task Force, sharing best practice and guidance for professionals

Right to Build Task Force – a NaCSBA initiative supporting stakeholders to deliver more Custom and Self Build

National Custom and Self Build Week – a focal point for a range of activity and publicity

Research and Development – working with the sector for further growth.

Official responses and consultations

NaCSBA frequently responds to call for evidence in consultations and feeds its expertise into national and local debates. These are available to members in the Library area, but a summary of recent activity is shown here.

Redress for Purchases of New Build Homes and the New Homes Ombudsman Technical Consultation

NaCSBS’s written response in August 2019 sets out our argument that properties that meet the definition of self build, as set out in the Housing and Planning Act 2016, should be outside the scope of the New Homes Ombudsman Scheme.

Public Accounts Committee – Help to Buy Progress Review

NaCSBA CEO’s evidence to the Public Accounts Committee made the case for a version of the Help to Buy scheme for the custom and self build sector – called Help to Build.

Andrew Baddeley-Chappell’s address, House of Commons Reception

NaCSBA CEO’s speech to Gold Corporate Members and leading politicians at its May 2019 House of Commons Reception for National Custom and Self Build Week, setting out sector successes and barriers to growth

NaCSBA’s response to the 2018 NPPF Consultation

NaCSBA sets out the argument for improvements to the draft National Planning Policy Framework consultation, offering guidance for Custom and Self Build.

NaCSBA’s response to the draft Planning Policy Wales: Edition 10

The Edition 10 of Planning Policy Wales consultation requested input from a range of stakeholders. NaCSBA was keen to respond to ensure that the policy included provision for Custom and Self-build housing, as Wales has not adopted the Right to Build Legislation,

NaCSBA’s response to the New London Plan

How Custom and Self Build, and Community-led housing can be incorporated into the New London Plan.

NaCSBA Members Newsletters

Check out our recent newsletters for news and updates on our activities and the sector in general.

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NaCSBA/Right to Build Task Force press release archive

20 December 2018 – 40,000 people sign up to the Right to Build Registers, but charges put some off

31 October 2018 – Letwin Review paves way for more custom and self-build plots

26 July 2018 – NaCSBA responds to the new National Planning Policy Framework

8 June 2018 – RTB Task Force offers five free days of support for community-led housing groups

11 May 2018 – RTB Task Force advises London Older Lesbian Cohousing group

1 May 2019 – National Custom and Self Build Week 2019

25 October 2018 – Task Force announces support for five groups to bring on community-led housing

20 April 2018 – NaCSBA announces National Custom and Self Build week, 7-13 May 2018

12 March 2018 – RTB Task force and Teignbridge DC pilot long-term assessment tool for Custom and Self Build

6 March 2018 – NaCSBA responds to the draft revised NPPF

1 March 2018 – RTB Task force shares best practice on Self Build policy with Dutch Government

1 February 2018 – RTB Task force announces work with Fareham for plots at Welborne Garden Village

30 November 2017 – 33,000 people sign up to the Right To Build Registers 

22 November 2017 – NaCSBA responds to the Autumn Budget

17 August 2017 – NaCSBA’s Task Force Announces Deputy Ambassadors

06 May 2017 – Self Build on a Shoestring 2017

28 February 2017 – NaCSBA’s Task Force announces first organisation to receive support

10 February 2017 – NaCSBA Task Force Launch

10 October 2016 – Self Build on Shoestring Shortlist announced