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Why have a library?

The National Custom and Self Build Association has had a pivotal role in getting Custom and Self-build recognised and supported in law and policy. As part of this work NaCSBA produces reports and publications on the Custom, Self-build and community-led housing sector, which we share with a range of partners, as well as press releases to share information with the wider press. We also share a lot of information and briefing notes on the Right to Build Task Force’s website, the Right to Build Toolkit, which we also manage.

These, as well as other content, such as our submissions to Government consultations, are available as a resource here in our library section, which is available to members.

In addition, the Self Build Portal holds an immense amount of information, while theRight to Build Toolkit, home of the Right to Build Task Force, contains detailed briefing notes and cases studies that offer support and examples of best practice. You can find out more about these sites in our Campaigns page.

The majority of our reports are tailored to Government or professionals operating in the sector, such as council housing/housing associations, local authority planning teams, small-to-medium enterprise (SME) builders and developers. But much of the content will be of use to community-led groups and individual self builders.

In addition, we’ve also curated some a range of other reports that feed into the Custom and Self-build debate.

Custom and Self Build Statistics; Custom and Self Build Guidance; and Custom and Self Build Books contain resources are free to download, but you must be registered as a user on the Self Build Portal to access content.

NaCSBA Members Area, Right to Build Expos and the Library Archive all contain content accessible by members only. If you are a member and can’t gain access then please email

Publications that had impact on the early Self-build sector

Two of our publications fed into the early debate around Self-build, at a crucial time for the sector

An Action Plan to promote the growth of self build housing (2011) – analysis that highlights the challenges holding back the growth of the self build housing sector.

A progress report to Government on the implementation of the Action Plan to promote the growth of self build housing (2012) – a formal progress report produced on request by the Minister for Housing and Local Government.