NaCSBA’s Year in Review

Looking back at the highs, and lows, of 2022.

Each year we look back at what NaCSBA has achieved on behalf of its members 

2022 has been a year of highs and lows. Sadly it has been dominated by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine – over one hundred thousand killed, millions displaced and many tens of thousands of homes destroyed – and a winter still to survive.

Here in the UK our own challenges appear minor by comparison, although without doubt it has been a relatively tumultuous year. The Russian invasion has driven the cost of living challenges, not helped by the poor decision making and the subsequent meltdown within the Government over the Summer and Autumn.

Hidden within all this noise, 2022 has been a hugely successful year for NaCSBA, and one that we hope will lay the groundwork for the further growth of the sector, as and when wider circumstances allow.

In June, just before policy making ground to a halt, Government announced:

  • The launch of Help to Build – enabling access to our market for customers with just a 5% deposit. More importantly, this was a statement by the Government that when it comes to support for the sector it is willing to put its money where its mouth is. By its nature the scheme will be slow to start but it sends an important message to landowners, planning authorities and developers that custom and self build can – and should – be available to all.
  • The Government’s response to the Bacon Review – including the establishment of a custom and self build team within Homes England as part of its Self-commissioned Homes Delivery Unit. The Review aligns closely with NaCSBA’s Government wishlist and gives us the framework to keep pushing with Richard Bacon MP for more action in areas where effective solutions are still to come forward, such as Golden Brick.
  • Review of the Right to Build Legislation – contained within the Levelling -Up and Regeneration Bill are amendments to help address some of the dirty tricks that we have seen from local authorities, with more expected as the primary legislation flows down into updated regulation, frameworks and guidance.
  • Three-year funding for the Right to Build Task Force – secure multi-year funding is enabling the Task Force to expand and enhance its offering and its support to the sector.

NaCSBA itself saw the ending of Covid restrictions allow us to build on our existing service to our members.

  • In May, Michael Gove and Chris Young KC spoke at our first Parliamentary reception since pre-Covid. Three changes in post later and Michael Gove is back in his role as Secretary of State at DLUHC.
  • At the event we launched our first ever Custom and Self Build Market Report. One hundred pages of insight, opinion and analysis – and a valuable data source for the sector.
  • In November we combined our AGM with our first ever NaCSBA Conference. Over one hundred of us were treated to a day of insight and networking at the NSBRC in Swindon.

Throughout, we have continued to make the case for custom and self build through supporting our members and challenging local authorities. On Right to Build Day this year we published a letter endorsed by the mortgage sector seeking to end excessive requirements to demonstrate financial viability before joining registers.

At the AGM I advised the membership of my most difficult decision in my role – to step down as CEO after over four years in the post, and from a job that I have loved doing. I could not be more happy that Peter Johns is stepping up to take charge as CEO and that I will be staying on as Policy Director.

This has been another tough year, and I am hugely grateful for the continued level of support shown by all our members, who are indispensable in supporting us to deliver such great outcomes for the sector. I would like to end this last annual review from me by wishing you the very best for what I hope will be a more peaceful and more stable 2023.

Andrew Baddeley-Chappell,
Policy Director, NaCSBA


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