Membership: Frequently Asked Questions

Check out these questions about the benefits of joining the National Custom and Self Build Association as a member

You understand the bigger picture. You want to make self or custom build easier in the UK. You want others to appreciate that self/custom built homes offer the most beneficial and effective way to get the best quality or most cost effective homes. You want the benefits to be available to far more people. You want to have a share of a much bigger national self build industry.

At present we build about 13,000 homes a year via the self or custom build route. NaCSBA has been successful in persuading the Government and other agencies to at least double this; so if you are part of a company supplying products or services to the sector this massive increase should almost certainly lead to more business for you.

Self/custom build is now being mentioned in reports and policy documents as an important route for housing provision. NaCSBA continues to work hard to get self and custom building mainstreamed, as it is in so many other countries.

People planning to build their own home are probably going to look more favourably towards a company that supports NaCSBA’s work, rather than someone that does not.

The more members we have, the more influence we have with Government.

The membership fee is excellent value compared to the charges levied by most professional or trade bodies.

Many major suppliers including the leading builders merchants, product companies, kit home suppliers, plant hire businesses, custom build developers, planning and architectural consultants, utility companies, mortgage and warranty providers, specialist magazine and exhibition organisers… the list goes on and on. You can find a list of our current members here.

We already have thousands of would-be self builders who have registered as supporters via the Self Build Portal. In addition we have hundreds of large and small businesses and many trade organisations and public sector bodies – take a look at the Self Build Portal’s Suppliers Directory for a list. Collectively they represent a significant proportion of the people employed in the self build sector.

No, sorry, but GDPR and data protection prevents this. However, you can explore the Self Build Portal’s Suppliers Directory which highlights companies/organisations that are members.

There is an Executive Committee that manages the day-to-day activities of NaCSBA, and these meet several times a year. Work is split into a policy team, and a operational team, which each meet four times a year. There is an AGM each year to which all members are invited, as well as regular member meetings. Members with particular, relevant expertise may request to attend one or more of these meetings – let us know if you’d like find out more about this by email. We use e-mail comms and the website to keep members up to date throughout the year.

That’s probably not very likely as we are normally required only to send one or two of our most senior people to these. However, from time to time people like the Department for Communities and Local Government will ask us to field a specialist in a particular area, in which case we may co-opt a suitably qualified member to represent NaCSBA. For example the Government wanted us to input our members’ experiences into the Bacon Review, to give an overview of the sector’s barriers and opportunities.

We don’t expect it to increase suddenly overnight. But we are already making good progress, and hope soon to see a discernible increase in the sector. Of course, the bigger NaCSBA gets, and the more members and income it has supporting it, the more pressure we can mount on the Government and its agencies, and the faster things will happen.


Yes, and if you want to set up a link from your website to ours that’s fine too. All we ask is that you say above or below the NaCSBA logo that you are a member of the organisation, and do not suggest that we ‘approve’ or ‘endorse’ you in any way. Simply get in touch with our Web/Digital Media team and we can sort this for you.

All members have their logo on their entry on the Self Build Portal and on carousels on the homepage.

Check the ‘Contact us’ page for details. Issues can be discussed at the next Executive Committee, or we may invite you along to meet with us. We are a fairly small group and are happy to talk individually to members; but bear in mind that nearly everyone volunteers their time, so we cannot always be available.

If there’s something you feel passionately about we’d be more than happy to hear from you and get you involved.

Yes; it is thanks to time and effort voluntarily donated by NaCSBA members and leading experts that we have made such good progress already. We are also very grateful for special donations without which larger projects could not happen. Again, visit the ‘Contact us’ page to get in touch.

Membership is for 12 months and we shall contact you with regards to renewal in advance of this date. There is an option for Corporate Gold members to have a 3 year membership deal. Visit our members page for details.