Custom & Self-build books

These publications are curated here as they are of relevance to the Custom and Self Build sector.

Self-Build homes: Social Discourse, Experiences and Directions

A collection of essays that looks at how the social dimensions connected with the sector might advance theory, research and practice, edited by Michaela Benson and Iqbal Hamiduddin..

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Self-Build Homes: Social Discourse, Experiences and Directions is published by UCL Press, and costs £40 in Hardback/£22.99 in Paperback/£5.99 ePub or is free to download.

Self Build Homes

Get Together and Build Yourself a House

Build a Dream Self Build Association (BADSBA) Founder and chair Valerie Bearne has created an essential guide to helping people build collectively, Get Together and Build Yourself a House. This book is must for any Self Build group or Self Builder interested in starting or joining a group project of any sort, as it’s packed with practical advice on how to get started.

If you’re a developer or a community organisation with a plan on the drawing board to build a number of self build homes, the fund could be a very helpful way of financing your project.

The Book costs £5.95/e-PDF from BADSBA


Group Self Building Guide