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Help boost the Custom and Self-build sector by becoming a member of NaCSBA.

NaCSBA works to grow the self and custom build market, raising its profile and boosting opportunities for your business. It relies on membership subscriptions from companies and organisations to help fund this core work.

Our financial independence means that we have an objective voice when lobbying, that Government respects. Members can be found on our Membership Directory, which lives on our consumer facing Self Build Portal. This site advises consumers how to self build, and allows them find their local self build registers.

To find out about membership request a call back by using the form.

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    Why become a NaCSBA member?

    As a company, you understand the bigger picture – you want to make building a home easier in the UK. You want others to appreciate that self or custom built homes offer the most beneficial and effective way to get the best quality or most cost effective homes, while securing more opportunities for your business though NaCSBA’s work. Check out the range of NaCSBA’s work

    Member benefits

    • Get a free copy of NaCSBA’s Custom and Self Build Market Report – worth £295!
    • Add NaCSBA’s logo to your website and marketing material to demonstrate to customers you are a trusted company, that follows a Code of Practice.
    • The Code of Practice offers arbitration between you and your customers should difficulties arise*
    • Profile your company in our membership directory, on our consumer website the Self Build Portal
    • Be part of a trusted voice in the industry
    • Get access to industry statistics and research
    • Contribute to our consultation responses and lobbying and position papers
    • Join regular online updates on activity
    • Get monthly NaCSBA Newsletters
    • Feed into NaCSBA’s growing body of best practice
    • Publicise your news and case studies with consumers via the Self Build Portal.

    For more, contact our Engagement Manager Donna Muir on 07968 124939 or Membership is for 12 months.

    Become a NaCSBA Member now

    Self Build Portal Directory

    Membership options

    We have three levels of membership – Gold Corporate Member, Standard Member and Not-for-profit. Standard Membership has a range of membership options to reflect different organisations.

    *On joining, Standard and Gold members commit to the terms of NaCSBA’s Code of Practice. This works both ways, demonstrating to your customers that you are a trusted operator, and offering consumers peace of mind when sourcing businesses to work on their project.

    NaCSBA’s Code of Practice

    Click below for benefits of Membership options

    Become a Gold Member and show us your full support

    Corporate Gold membership demonstrates that you’re a heavy-weight in the Custom and Self-build sector, and are truly committed to changing the way we do housing in the UK. Your backing is crucial to supporting our lobbying of central and local Government, and contributing to the growth and expansion of the self build industry.

    By partnering with NaCSBA as a Gold Member, you also help us provide better information to would-be Custom/Self-builders – your future customers – and build up our ‘best practice’ information. This enables us to guide future generations of Custom/Self-builders about the most efficient way to build their homes.

    The Benefits

    In return NaCSBA has developed a number of very tangible benefits that will help our Gold Members grow their businesses.

    • The opportunity to send four marketing communications a year to all members of the Self Build Portal* who have agreed to contact from Third Parties. These campaigns are put together by NaCSBA on your behalf in MailChimp, based on your copy and images, with a sign off by you as a Gold Member. (We regret that under GDPR we can no longer share this information with you as data.)
    • Your company will be listed on The Self Build Portal’s Partners page.

    Plus the Standard Member benefits outlined below.

    Special three-year Corporate Gold Membership

    We have a special three-year subscription that offers a significant saving in comparison to annual Gold Membership – saving your company 15% over the cost of three individual years! This saves the hassle of signing up annually and ensures that your company is always recognised as a key player in the Custom and Self Build sector.

    *Most registered users of the Self Build Portal are would-be Custom/Self-builders looking to buy products or services for their future project. Data suggests that those who have registered are: in the detailed preparation stages of getting their projects under way; typically holding budgets of £1-200k each, though many have budgets of over £500k; want to get their project underway in the next two years;  looking for land mainly in the south east/west of the UK.

      Corporate ‘Gold’ Partnership £2,900 annually or £6,900 for three years*

    Notice that VAT will be added to the prices displayed above.

    Standard Memberships

    NaCSBA understand that there are a range of organisations that would benefit from having membership or would like to show their support, but their circumstances vary. Consequently we’ve developed a range of charges for our Standard Membership in an attempt to reflect these differences. Any of these memberships can be classified as Not-for-profit where relevant, meaning the organisation is not signed up to the Code of Practice.

    Check out the benefits of being a NaCSBA Member, (top).

    Standard Membership Levels

    There are essentially four levels of standard memberships, with special fees for Custom Builders and Local Authorities.

    sole-trader   Sole Trader (1 employee/legacy landowner*) £165 annually
    small-company   Small Company (2-9 employees) £295 annually
    medium-company   Medium Company (10-49 employees) £730 annually
      Large Company (50+ employees) £1,250 annually

    *By legacy land owner, we mean a landowner, such as a farmer, working to bring on self or custom build on multi-plot sites on a piece of land that they own.

    Notice that VAT will be added to the prices displayed above.

    Standard Member: Custom Builders

    Joining as a Custom Build member connects you with other innovators transforming the self build arena.

    As well as regular benefits, Custom Build Membership gives you:
    • The ability to network with fellow custom build developers and feed back issues and problems to senior policy makers at MHCLG, and HCA funders
    • Access to sites that NaCSBA is introduced to that may be of interest
    • The opportunity to shape policy affecting Custom Build
    • The ability to use the extra membership cost towards tools of shared benefit to custom build developers (e.g. a guide to VAT/SDLT)
    • Access to experts and technical guidance – including help on VAT, SDLT, CIL, planning
    • Plus, all the standard member benefits (see top of page)

    The rates for Custom Build companies wishing to join as Standard Members are:

    small-company   Small Company (2-9 employees) £630 annually
    medium-company   Medium Company (10-49 employees) £1,045 annually
      Large Company (50+ employees) £1,890 annually

    Notice that VAT will be added to the prices displayed above.

    Standard Member: Local Authorities

    Local Authorities have a special membership rate – £295 annually (plus VAT).
    Local Authorities, and other not for profit groups, are not bound by the Code of Practice, as other members are.


    Members of the public do not need to join NaCSBA as a member, but you can show your support and help us create more opportunities for the Custom and Self-build by sector by registering as a user on the Self Build Portal. This is not the same as being a paying NaCSBA member, but helps us track appetite for owner-commissioned homes.

    As a thank you, Consumer Supporters can benefit from competitive magazine subscription rates for SelfBuild & Design, Grand Designs and Build It.

    Special magazine subscriptions for supporters

    NaCSBA also offers all users great magazine subscription rates, visit the Self Build Portal for more.

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    Membership Options
    By paying, I agree to NaCSBA’s Terms & Conditions and Code of Conduct

    *For the three year Gold Corporate membership deal of £6,900 (£8,280 incl. VAT) contact membership.