The House of Lords Select Committee on Economic Affairs has launched an inquiry into The Economics of the UK Housing Market.

The Chairman of the Committee, Lord Hollick, has outlined the focus of the inquiry: “There are clearly serious issues with the UK housing market. Across the country, young people in particular are struggling with the cost of housing, whether they are looking to buy or rent. There is an affordability crisis in housing.

“We feel the time is now right for a thorough evidence based assessment of the economics of the housing market. We would like to get to the bottom of the affordability crises. Is the primary cause a lack of supply? What effect have recent Government initiatives to encourage first time buyers had? Or is there too much emphasis on owning your own home, should we be focusing efforts on ensuring adequate affordable housing is available for rent?”

The Committee wishes to consider all aspects of the housing market and has expressed an interest in self build and custom build housing and may also wish to hear oral evidence on this subject. And NaCSBA has been invited to provide written evidence to the Inquiry and is currently working on a submission. We understand that some evidence has already appeared from individuals outlining the difficulties they have encountered in attempting to build their own homes.

As this is a public call for evidence, we’d also call on our members, and others, to step forward and present a submission too.

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