Beattie Passiv modular homes

Beattie Passive has launched a range of high quality, energy efficient modular homes designs using its patented timber-frame build system, paired up with super-efficient offsite construction methods. The combination of offsite construction with a Passivhaus Institute-certified complete build system makes the range ideal for custom building.

As a leading provider of Passivhaus homes in the UK, Beattie Passive has scaled up its operation from traditional self-build to a range of Passivhaus-standard housing, meaning it can deliver more modular zero-carbon homes at pace.

The modular range has 1-, 2- and 3-bedroom options available with a variety of finishes available, from contemporary designs to more traditional styles.

The modular homes have been designed for councils and housing associations but are just as relevant for developers, including those delivering custom build units. Homes are available in a variety of styles and finishes that  can fit with the customers’ needs and aesthetic requirements.

Beattie Passive modular
The modular homes offer a flexible route to different dwelling types

Having all the same benefits as all Beattie Passive builds, the modular homes reach Passivhaus standards, with many of the house types able to achieve certification by the Passivhaus Institute. This offers significantly reduced heating requirements giving owners a healthy home with a positive environmental impact.

Ron Beattie, Managing Director of Beattie Passive, said: “We are very excited to be launching our new range of modular housing. These are the first fully modular homes that are able to achieve net-zero carbon and reach Passivhaus certification on the market and have all the same benefits as every other Beattie Passive build. These can be built and delivered much quicker than a traditional build for a comparable price, and we believe this offers a real opportunity to revolutionise housebuilding in the UK.”

About Beattie Passive

Established in 2010, Beattie Passive was the first company in the UK to be awarded Passivhaus certification for a complete build system. It has since become a leading provider of modular Passivhaus homes in the UK, committed to creating homes that help reduce energy requirements by up to 80%.

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