Building Performance Evaluation Guides

The Building Performance Network (BPN) has launched a series of free modules to support the understanding of the lived experience in buildings, as opposed to their predicted performance.

The new guides are part of the Resource Hub, which is sponsored by Ecology Building Society. The guides will support understanding around achieving sustainable homes, and the performance of those homes as they are occupied over time.

The performance of the home and its systems is referred to as Building Performance Evaluation (BPE), and understanding this is vital further construction’s aspirations to reduce the carbon footprint of our homes.

The Building Performance Evaluation modules:

  • BPE: What, why and the benefits that it brings
  • Planning a BPE: Where to start and common techniques
  • Undertaking dwelling BPE

Two more modules are being planned to further round out the topic.

The Resource Hub supports a range of stakeholders involved in a building project to understand the principles around BPE and how to measure performance. It is designed to be entry level, to inform those who are new to BPE and want to understand how to avoid building inefficient homes.

In particular the resources will be insightful for self builders, custom build and SME developers.

The resources are available on the BPN Resource Hub for free, which also has range of other resources available.

The Building Performance Network works to bring individuals and organisations together with the aim of creating better understanding of building performance data, collecting and evaluating it centrally. With this the BPN will better be able to move on practice around planning for sustainable buildings, underpinned by the empirical data.

It also aims to draw the various strands of academia, professionals, product manufacturers and and building owners together, to create and implement more robust and effective policy and practice.


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