NaCSBA has formally responded to the Competitions and Markets Authority housebuilding market study – Statement of Scope, setting out the position that frames activity for custom and self build currently.

The CMA housebuilding market study will focus on four areas:

  • housing quality: are builders delivering the right sorts of homes that communities and buyers need?
  • land management: is land banking anti-competitive (both before or after receiving planning permission)?
  • local authority oversight: how do councils oversee the delivery of homes and how developers negotiate affordable home requirements?
  • innovation: are there factors holding builders back from adopting new building techniques or moving towards more sustainable, net zero homes?

In its response, NaCSBA called for a customer-first approach, focusing on consumer empowerment and choice, more small sites and whether certain delivery model approaches are prioritised.

It also calls for an additional focus on how we can move from a market where builders compete for land on which to build to one where builders compete for customers to purchase their product.


Read the CMA Scope Letter in the Members section of the Library

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