Hemsec offsite panels being made

Hemsec and NaCSBA-member  SIP Build UK are partnering up to provide a cost-effective, end-to-end solution for the creation of energy-efficient building systems.

The move reflects current trends in construction with energy prices soaring and millions of UK households living in fuel poverty, and the partnership believes that a fabric-first approach is the best way to deliver significant benefits for the homeowner as well as the environment.

The timing is right, with changes in Building Regulations meaning that a fabric-first approach to improving thermal efficiency will be a logical choice for many, offering the opportunity to future-proof the build by considering the entire building envelope. Construction materials sit at the heart of this.

Building with SIPs can significantly contribute to meeting Future Home Standards and Passivhaus standards, resulting in a reduction in the number of days that require heating to be generated, significantly reducing energy bills. Additionally, SIPs homes have high levels of airtightness, resulting in cooler homes during the warmer weather.

Through the partnership, Hemsec and SIP Build UK aim to build on existing synergies to provide high-quality sustainable building systems, with a focus on taking responsibility in today’s environment for the generations of tomorrow.

Sarah Gazzola, Sales & Marketing Director at Hemsec said: “At Hemsec, we are on an exciting journey to become a B-Corp certified company and therefore it is extremely important for us to build relationships with organisations where there is a synergy in our values and purpose. With a strong alignment in the direction we’re heading, we are looking forward to building on the relationship we have with SIP Build UK and hope to make a real difference in the construction industry through providing high-quality panels that contribute to an energy-efficient future for homeowners.”

Chris Duckworth, Managing Director at SBUK Group, said: “The future direction allows us to make the most of being a market leader with Nationwide Coverage. SIPs are regularly featured on Grand Designs and other property programmes, we have seen demand soar in this marketplace.

“Energy efficiency is harder to achieve using traditional methods, and the short supply of brick layers is moving many developers and builders towards offsite manufacturing. Our partnership with Hemsec and our dedicated teams and systems enables us to continue our passion for better products and processes which aim to increase efficiency, quality, resident satisfaction, environmental performance and sustainability.”

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