Walters Way self builds in Lewisham

Writers Alice Grahame and John McKean have written a new biography of self build legend and architect Walter Segal. Published by Lund Humphries, Walter Segal Self-built Architect takes in Walter’s early life and the inspirations that helped shape his professional practice.

A personal friend of Segal, McKean covers the early life of the architect, from his time in Berlin to his approaches to housing and design that would ultimately influence him in his commitment to self build. Segal went on to design and be involved with a pivotal self build scheme in Lewisham in the 1970s, Walter’s Way, which has been referenced in pretty much every self build reference document since then, as an example of what the model can deliver.

Grahame follows this up with a closer look at Segal’s own timberframing method used to build these houses, designed for everyday people to easily to engage with as a build method.

“This book is a huge pleasure because it reveals the man and revels in his energy and wit. It is also a delight because it is so authoritative, written by the two people who know Walter Segal’s life, personality and work better than anyone.”
Kevin McCloud,Designer, writer and presenter of Channel 4’s Grand Designs

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Images: Alice Grahame
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