NSBRC 2021 survey

Working in partnership with NaCSBA, the National Self Build and Renovation Centre (NSBRC) surveyed its customers in June 2021 to understand what its customers were doing, and why. Unlike NaCSBA’s aspirational surveys that ask the general public their opinions, the NSBRC’s survey offers valuable insight into people with live projects, or who are actively researching a project. As such, the survey reveals who is undertaking substantial homebuilding projects, what motivates them, and what barriers they face.

The survey went out to the live database and received 681 responses, a number that enabled the survey to offer meaningful insight into the current self-build and renovation homes market.

The survey was timed to feed into Richard Bacon’s Review of Custom and Self Build, which examines the opportunities and barriers to in the sector, together with recommendations for government that will support a “major scaling up of self-commissioned homes”. The review was submitted on time, and is due to be published shortly.

Richard Bacon’s introduction to the NSBRC Customer Survey 2021

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