Alex Rowley's private members bill

Alex Rowley, MSP for the Mid Scotland and Fife Region, has put forward a private member’s bill calling for all new housing in Scotland be constructed to Passivhaus standards. The proposal for the Bill is at consultation – closing on 27 July, and also debates creating a Scottish alternative to the Passivhaus standard, if this is more appropriate.

This would dramatically improve the thermal performance and energy efficiency of the homes, which would be a welcome indicator for future fuel poverty, especially in light of the current energy crisis.

This is based on the fact that the cheapest energy is that which is not actually needed. Therefore, reducing the requirement for heating and hot water in the first instance is the most cost effective solution to the crisis, meaning a fabric-first approach to construction.

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Alex Rowley said, “A move to the Passivhaus ‘gold standard’ for all new-build homes would be radical, ambitious, practical and forward-thinking. It would future proof homes and prevent them from having to be retrofitted in the near future, upskill the construction sector and make Scotland a leading player with exportable skills and knowledge.”

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