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By being members of NaCSBA your business is helping the sector grow and give more and better choices to people about the homes they choose to live in. NaCSBA is constantly work on behalf of its members to create better opportunities to support the sector and lobby government for change – together we’re stronger.

But through the Self Build Portal and the Right To Build we spread the word about custom build, self-build and cohousing to members of the public too. So we’re more than happy to publicise the shows that support and inform them as they embark on a voyage of discovery that will lead them to creating their dream home. To help this, NaCSBA has arranged a host of ticket offers for NaCSBA members and supporters.

Feel free to share these with you customers – while encouraging them to sign up for the Self Build Portal and the Right To Build. Please do direct your customers to the Self Build Portal events page for details of the ticket offers, and make them aware of the benefits of being a supporter of NaCSBA.

NaCSBA would like to encourage all of its members to stress to their customers that every self-build dream should start with the Right To Build portal. Getting people signed up to the registers is vital for boosting our sector and evidencing demand to local authorities to ensure they permission enough plots for self- and custom build.  

The Right To Build Portal is free to access, and will links them directly with all the registers operated by their nearby local authorities. So add a link on your own page to the www.righttobuildportal.org and sign up.

The 2018 show season starts with the National Self Build and Renovation Show in Swindon on 26-28 January, with free entry if people book in advance.

Free tickets for Self Build Portal users

We’ve arranged for Self Build Portal users and NaCSBA supporters to get two free tickets to the following shows, available from the events page.

Build It Live has two upcoming shows, Build It Live South East on 3-4 February and North West on the 17-18 February. In March Selfbuild & Design East runs on the 3-4 March in Peterborough, the Homebuilding & Renovating Show at the NEC is on the 22-25 March and Grand Designs Live is on at London’s ExCel Centre on 5-13 May.

The shows are a great source of help, advice and guidance for anyone starting out on their own project. And there’s a host of other shows and workshops at the Self Build Portal events page, so please do direct your customers to this useful resource. Or take advantage of the ticket offers and visit yourself.

Check out the events page for details of the offers, and for a full list of other events taking place across the country. 

If you’d like a copy of the banner get in touch at media@nacsba.org.uk

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