Richard Bacon in parliament

NaCSBA is happy to report that early indication shows that the new cabinet is supportive of the Custom and Self Build sector, with numerous high-level politicians continuing the support show by previous incumbents.

Self Build champion MP Richard Bacon, who is also a Right to Build Task Force Ambassador, continues to stress the needs and benefits of Self Build in a recent housing debate in the House of Commons.

In addition to giving more people choice in their housing needs, Bacon stressed Custom and Self Build housing could be used for a range of tenures, and could also be used for affordable homes. He also called for Government to support NaCSBA’s recommendation for a Help to Build to rival the Help to Buy that supplements the housing market, as well as stressing the need for planning reform, to give greater predictability for planning.

Housing Minister Esther McVey responded positively, saying she would welcome a return of the SME building companies, and, “more importantly… we want to have the right to build. We want to be able to make sure it is not a few companies building 1,000s of homes but there could be 1,000s of individuals making their own homes. That is what we are about choice and opportunity.”

McVey also showed support for the sector at the RESI conference, where she said:

“And Right to Build, so many places around the world have far more people building their own homes, so we’re going to be there, whether its support for Right to Buy or Right to Build. And also supporting communities, for Communities to Build.”


Esther Mcvey is expected to address the audience at Grand Designs Live in October, date to be confirmed. Pick up your free tickets at online, courtesy of NaCSBA!


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