Solar Photovoltaic (PV) and battery storage installer Solar Plants is holding a workshop on the 25 September at the NSBRC to update architects and project planners on the current best performing PV technology options and methods of installation.

Increasing pressures by the Government to ‘think green’, together with increasing pressures on electricity prices are factors now influencing self-builders to look to renewable approaches for affordable, future-proofed energy. A challenge that solar photovoltaic technology rises to meet.

Thankfully, solar energy can now compliment a building’s design, not hinder it. With advanced PV and storage technology and new methods of installing, it is possible to design a property where renewable components look and feel like part of the building and not a ‘bolt on’ or afterthought.

With government plans to completely cut the Feed-In Tariff payments in March next year, the workshop will also discuss the way the solar PV market is changing and adapting, and how solar can allow self builders to create a smart home to generate and store their own energy.

Industry leaders GB Sol, Viridian Solar and SolarEdge will all join the workshop to talk about current market leading technology including solar PV tiles, integrated solar, solar battery storage and power optimiser, solar inverter and monitoring solutions for photovoltaic arrays.

Booking this workshop is free of charge, however places are allocated on a first come, first served
basis. The workshop includes lunch and networking opportunities.

Event: The changing face of domestic solar PV

Venue: National Self Build and Renovation Centre, Swindon

Date: 25 September, 9.30-2pm

Book: email Solar Plants’ events team:

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