SIPs panels

The Structural Timber Association has published a guidance paper, Stakeholder guide to structural insulated panels (SIPs), to support the decision making process when evaluating build models in terms of risk.

Following the Grenfell inquiry, building with timber has become a focus, and this timely guide sets out the issues and advantages to empower the decision making process, from both the perspective of developers and designers, and also consumers.

Getting the right system

The guide sets out some simple parameters, not least that, “It is vital when considering the risk associated with all construction materials that the design and product type has been fully considered and is suitable for its intended use.”

With this knowledge, professionals can rely on timber construction, while the guide also offers valuable reassurance to consumers deciding on a built route, who may be concerned following press reports about timber building methods.

As well as providing a useful definition, the guide deals with risk and mitigation, sustainability and longevity, giving a very useful overview.

The STA has a range of guides in its library, some of which are available to non-members as long as they register with the Structural Timber Association website, including this guide, such as:

  • Design Guide to Propping and Bracing
  • Site Safe Registration User Guide for Fire Services V1.1

Visit the STA’s library

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