There’s much for NaCSBA to look forward to in 2017, here we review some of our key aims.

Over the coming months, we hope to see all Local Authorities across England, as well as the rest of the UK, implement and market correctly a Right to Build Register. Through the likes of Cherwell and Teignbridge we have seen what can be achieved when the industry and councils work in collaboration to enable development.

NaCSBAs Task Force is expected to launch in Spring 2017 to help Local Authorities to achieve their goals and obligations through direct assistance from a team of industry experts. NaCSBA will be leading a Right to Build Road Show across the UK to further raise awareness of the Right to Build and its potential to help meet local housing needs, including community led housing, group self build and affordable housing.

In terms of policy, we eagerly await the Housing White Paper, which is due in the New Year. We hope that the work NaCSBA has done alongside the Government means that self and custom build will be noted as a viable way to help combat the nations housing crisis we know it has the potential to do so.

NaCSBA expects figures from HM Revenue and Customs to show that the number of custom and self build homes increased in 2016 by around 2.5% to 12,500. The rate of growth is expected to accelerate as the Right to Build brings forward new sites to meet demand. NaCSBA will seek continued Government support to help ensure the manifesto pledge to get 20,000 new custom and self build homes are completed each year by 2020 is achieved. The sector believes it can deliver this.

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