What we do

The National Custom and Self Build Association (NaCSBA) is the only body in the UK working exclusively to lobby for change to make Custom Build and Self Build a mainstream choice for more people. As a not-for-profit company, our financial independence ensures we have an independent voice when campaigning.


We influence

We are the voice of the Custom and Self Build sector, including community-led housing, representing it at the highest levels in Government in England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland. We work to share knowledge and best practice across the sector itself and advise consumers through the Self Build Portal Website.

NaCSBA helps shape policy and legislation with regards to Custom and Self Build, as well as improving the sector’s standing.
Our work with government has resulted in:
• The Right to Build legislation and Self Build registers in England.
• The growth of Self Build in Wales, both in policy and a new financial scheme
• A greater recognition of the route in Scotland, that’s led to trial projects and funding routes.
• An increase in the range of financial products for consumers.

“NaCSBA continues to provide leadership, expertise and experience to overcome sectoral barriers and challenges.”

Kit Malthouse, Housing Minister

We educate

NaCSBA works to share the understanding of the barriers and opportunities around our sector. Our lobbying highlights and helps navigate these issues, such as how local authorities manage and implement the Right to Build legislation.

Our consumer website, the Self Build Portal is an essential first port of call for any would-be self builder. This offers support and advice to the public, as well as enables people to find and sign up to their local self build registers through the Right to Build Portal campaign page.

Plus, we initiated and support the Right to Build Task Force – which works to create more opportunities for Custom and Self Build by advising on practice and implementation.

This has worked with over 50 organisations and we estimate that this should result in 6,000-10,000 more Custom and Self Build Homes. It website, the Right to Build Toolkit, is an essential resource of practice, briefing notes and case studies.

“The Right to Build Task Force has done sterling work in banging the drum for custom and self-build, helping authorities and community groups to bring forward large affordable Custom and Self Build projects and demonstrating that it is possible.”

Kit Malthouse, Housing Minister

We promote

Not only do we work to grow the sector and its benefits, but we promote our members through our Members Directory, and the Code of Practice that all NaCSBA commercial members sign up to.

Our Code of Practice gives consumers confidence when sourcing companies to help them on their Self Build journey, offering security that their preferred choice is a tried-and-tested operator working in the sector.

We also promote significant sector wins and challenges, such as our annual Freedom of Information request to all English authorities around the status of their Self Build registers.