Bovis Homes, Shropshire

Recent data from Homes England showed that the body delivered 37,164 houses in the finanical year 2021-22, with 71% of these affordable. Overall starts and completions were also up for this period, in comparison to the previous 12 months where the pandemic slowed much activity.

In line with its remit from government, the homes included a range of tenures, including affordable homes, affordable rent, shared ownership and rent to buy, with 15,144 defined as ‘affordable tenure’.

The figures offer hope for the custom and self build sector, as Homes England works to deliver government ambitions. The recent announcement in the response to the Bacon Review that Homes England will now include a delivery unit for custom and self build, and also community-led housing, puts the model firmly on the agenda for Homes England.

This will support the bringing forward of land for more homes delivered by the route, with an emphasis on the more affordable end of the market. This land will, in turn facilitate more people to access the recently opened Help to Build.

Peter Denton, chief executive of Homes England, said: “Housing is a central part of Levelling Up, and as we continue to support the government’s ambitions in this area, our work with partners from across the sector will be key to creating the homes and neighbourhoods the country needs, in the places that people want to live.”


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