Our recent inaugural meeting of a new working group focusing on ‘group self building’ saw the participants arriving at a number of objectives which they would like to achieve.

Collectively, the members of this group have successfully promoted and completed over fifty group self build schemes aimed mainly at first time purchasers – and identified that this particular self build model has, over the last 40 years, contributed to many thousands of homes.

As a result of the government initiatives aimed at boosting the self build contribution to its national housebuilding target, the group considered that an improved and modified group self build model could again play a major role in housing provision. We have succeeded in attracting potential development loan funders and, given the general enthusiasm of local councils and planning authorities coupled with improved build technology, the future is looking bright.

We would love to hear from all interested parties who feel that they would like to contribute to the discussions of the ‘group self building working group’. Please contact me if you are interested.

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