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Following successful testing, the Custom and Self Build demand assessment model produced by Three Dragons is now available to local authorities to support them as they work to fulfil the duties placed on them by the Right to Build legislation.

Created by specialist housing and planning consultancy Three Dragons with support from the Right to Build Task Force, the model produces a report that draws on local and national data to map local demand for Custom and Self Build housing. This enables local planners to plan responsibly for the growing sector, ensuring that local policy accommodates and reflects the appetite for owner-commissioned homes.

Local authority Right to Build registers identify the number of people wishing to Self or Custom Build locally, helping councils ensure that enough plots are permissioned – in line with the Right to Build legislation. However, working on a three-year base period means that the registers are limited if used as the only source of evidence of demand.

A suite of Self Build assessment

Instead, the registers should be be assessed in conjunction with wider demand assessment measures. This is where the Self and Custom Build Demand Model comes in, helping authorities create a detailed, empirical source of evidence that is robust enough to stand up to Examination.

After assessing the data, the model creates a report detailing:

● overall demand for Custom & Self Build housing across a local authority or housing market area or large-scale sites;
● demand for different types and sizes of building plots;
● demand from households unable to afford full market prices.

The model also allows for local demographic and affordability for Custom and Self Build.

For more about the Custom and Self Build demand assessment model click the image for the leaflet.

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