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On 13 October Design West, Agile Homes and UWE Bristol are collectively hosting the Radical Housing Conference in Bristol, curated to review how we do housing – particularly affordable housing –  and how this could be changed to make housing more equitable.

Self and custom build are themselves disruptors to the housing market, and no one can deny that housing is in trouble in the UK. Even government has held its hands up in the challenge of solving the housing crisis – going as far back as Fixing our Broken Housing Market in 2017!

But while government is supporting custom and self build – not least with the creation of Homes England owner commissioned homes delivery unit, which will offer new routes to public land for custom and self build. This was one of many positive outcomes of the Bacon Review of 2021, which NaCSBA was very involved with.

Radical Housing Conference

When it comes to affordable housing we need to get so much better as a country, and it is with this in mind that this one day event will be sharing the insight from those active in the sector, including Richard Bacon MP, author of the 2021 review.

The conference explores how land assembly, finance, inclusion and community can combine in innovative ways to unlock new and radical
models to deliver properly affordable homes, for people in housing need.


Linda Farrow – Founder Agile Homes & Conference Chair
Paul Chatterton – Founder LILAC CoHousing Leeds
Jemma Browne & Dawn Parke – Design For Future Living BCU
Richard Bacon MP – Custom Build and Community Housing Act 2016
Tina Rea – Clearsprings Ready Homes Ltd
Sarah Farquhar – Director of People & Organisational Development Crisis
Elena Marco – Pro Vice Chancellor University of the West of England
Tara Harris – Assistant Director Community Services, Torbay Council
Jon Lee – Ecology Building Society
Juliet Saunders – Head of Development Elim Housing Group.
Guy Harris – Director Accessible PRS

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