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This October marks the first Right to Build Day, when councils must demonstrate how they are fulfilling their duties under the Right to Build legislation, and NaCSBA expects the number of plots coming to market to accelerate as local plans with Self Build provision start to bite.

The picture of activity across England is mixed, with a postcode lottery of local authorities that are actively working to meet their duties to ‘permission’ sufficient plots for those on their registers. However, as the legislation starts to bite, the number of multi-plot sites moving towards the market is on the rise, and NaCSBA membership is a great way to gain a competitive edge in the tender market.

Highlighting the fact that you are a NaCSBA member on your website and branding marks your company out as a reputable organisation operating in the sector, a tangible benefit of being part of the only body in the UK to champion Custom and Self Build.

Right to Build Task Force

A NaCSBA initiative, the Right to Build Task Force has been operating for two and a half years now, and estimates that its work has contributed to around 9,000 plot opportunities moving through the pipeline, evidence of this growing market. These are typically enabled by a range of stakeholders including local authorities, landowners and developers.

The Task Force offers tailored support and advice to support these organisations, and, following this, the next question most stakeholders ask is whether the Task Force has a list of companies that it can recommend for bringing on multi-plot opportunities.

These opportunities span a range of locations, routes and tenures, with Custom Build representing a dynamic new emerging market.

The Right to Build Task Force has created a live list of companies capable of doing a variety of work for its clients, including developers, enablers and home manufacturers. It always considers the current tranche of NaCSBA members when updating its list, with the Code of Practice a key element that underpins the reliability of these companies.

Growing the Self Build sector

NaCSBA works hard to grow the Custom and Self Build sector for everyone – giving the public more opportunities to build and creating more work for a range of SME’s operating throughout the sector. Being a member demonstrates that your company is a supporter of our work, and helps us achieve more.

What’s more, as the national body for the sector, we frequently get media requests for experts, case studies and more – effectively we are a first port of call for Self Build queries, and we always recommend our members first. Share you news with us by email!

Don’t forget, by using the Self Build Portal’s directory of NaCSBA members, consumers can search for companies for their own project. Effectively, members’ directory entries are your shop window, enabling the public to connect with your business, often shortcutting an extensive Google search that gives no indication of reliability.

Check you profile and make sure your message is getting across!

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