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A significant Self Build project in Shrewsbury is a step closer with Shropshire Council’s decision to invest in the infrastructure to bring on 47 serviced plots for Self Builders off London Road.

The decision was approved by Cabinet and Full Council earlier this year. Preparation is currently under way for submission of both planning applications. This will include full planning permission for infrastructure to include utilities, carriageway and landscaping together with an outline application with 47 reserved matters for the individual plots. Each plot will come with its own individual plot passport.

If approved, tenders for the infrastructure work at the 4.41 hectare site can go ahead paving the way to bring the plots to market. Work for this phase is expected to last around four months from commencement. The site is split into 37 Self-Build plots, and 10 discounted market sale plots.

Shropshire Council has around 90 people on its current Custom & Self-Build Register, with around 500 from previous registers. A high number of these have identified Shrewsbury, pictured, as a desirable place to build, meaning that there is already significant local demand.

Councillor Robert Macey, Shropshire Council’s Cabinet Member for housing and strategic planning, said:

“This is a really exciting initiative. The London Road development will be an exemplar Self Build scheme, which is eagerly anticipated by other councils that are contemplating their own Self-Build schemes. It’s the first-of-its-kind for Shropshire Council and is intended to showcase the potential for future developments of this nature.

“We are aiming to provide a low-density Self Build, low-carbon, hybrid and unique development scheme for people that want to build their own homes and we hope this will provide a stepping stone to further Self-Build plots in Shropshire in the future.”

The site in Shrewsbury

Proactive in Self Build

Shropshire Council has an excellent track record in Self-Build as an innovative authority working to give its residents more and better housing choices, leading to it winning Best Council for Custom & Self Builders’ at the prestigious 2018 Build It Awards.

Rare amongst Councils is its approach to members on its register, who it contacts with a quarterly newsletter sharing news, tips and information about upcoming opportunities for anyone registered for Self-Build. The website also has a “plots available section” providing a valuable link for anyone on the register to local activity – something that is rarely seen on local authority sites. In addition it publishes data relating its register, ensuring the process if transparent and accountable, a commendable piece of local authority best practice.

In addition, it has an innovative single affordable plots policy that allows for incremental Self-Build homes to be built on exception sites where demand can be demonstrated locally for people in housing need and a local connection.

The council remains committed to housing choice, and hopes that London Road will be the first of several such sites.

The site in Shrewsbury
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