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NaCSBA member Stellco Homes is expanding into custom build homes to capitalise on the opportunities the growing market represents.

As a housebuilder with 20 years’ experience, Stellco see potential for the model in its area of operation in Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire & Hertfordshire. The company focuses on sites of not more than 10 units, which offers potential builders an easier route to land in desirable locations, with buyers working to design their own home. Stellco then takes the buyer through the planning permission process before building the home to a fixed budget and timetable.

Angelo Baccarella of Stellco Homes says, “Since 2016, the introduction of the Self and Custom Build registers required to be maintained by all English local planning authorities has created more awareness amongst local communities. This has demonstrated that people do want to build their own homes but may not know how to go about it and do it on their own.

“We see this as a growth niche market for a small SME company like Stellco to tap into and provide a unique bespoke service to assist customers find a plot in sought village locations. We believe this helps take the stress out of building their own home using our Custom Build business model to facilitate the whole process.”

Customer register

Assessing appetite for local demand for owner commissioned homes can be a challenge for housebuilders, so to complement the local authorities’ self build registers the company is hosting its own register for anyone wishing to build locally, which Stellco refers to as a “win-win proposition” for customers and itself.

“Not only will this build a list of ready customers, but it will also identify desirable locations where people would like to build, giving the company confidence to bid for sites that may be beyond the reach of the average buyer trying to secure land independently,” adds Baccarella.

However, it also encourages prospective buyers to sign up to their local authority’s registers, too, via the

Sign up to Stellco Homes register

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