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The Modern Builder has created an online platform uniting architects and MMC house manufacturers to streamline the process of self building for the public.

As a new marketplace, The Modern Builder gives self builders access to a wealth of expertise and intellectual property during the initial assessment of a project, allowing them to make informed decisions. It provides architects with an opportunity to showcase their talents while building links with the experienced MMC builders who can deliver these homes.

Repurposing existing designs brings together architects and MMC house builders to share designs and specifications for homes that have previously been built. Reusing these past projects makes good use of years’ of expertise, paving the way for greater efficiency and effectiveness in the construction process.

By sharing existing designs and specifications, which can then be tailored for new sites, design repurposing is an innovative strategy designed to streamline the self-build process, reduce project risks, and unlock new opportunities for builders of all backgrounds.

The process lends itself to multi-plot projects, which often have greater design freedoms in comparison to a single self-build opportunity, and the emphasis is on the self-builder to do due diligence in terms of whether a design would be permissible on a site they are considering.

But tapping into proven designs gives self-builders the opportunity to mitigate project risks, expedite the planning process and speed up the construction. This can result in greater manufacturing efficiency, reduced costs, and increased confidence in the self-build process.

“Design repurposing has the potential to create a lean self-building structure by making proven designs accessible to a wider audience, empowering self-builders and offering a new route to market. But it goes beyond the mere recycling of old designs – it’s about extracting the valuable insights and lessons learned from previous projects and incorporating them into new designs.

“From feasibility assessments to planning acceptance, and cost analysis, architects can leverage their wealth of experience to streamline the self-build journey for their clients,” says Rhys-Evans Edet, Director and Co-founder of The Modern Builder.

Check out The Modern Builder’s gallery of designs.

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