I thought I’d update you with some of the Custom Build Working Group’s movements. One of the main challenges it to tackle the definition of ‘custom build’ as although we’re successfully conveying that custom build is a developer led process there are some models, like sale of serviced plots, which fall between the current custom and self build definitions. Bringing some clarity to this is important for policy makers, lenders and other stakeholders. Building on this, the Group will begin to look at/for measurement mechanisms for custom build; ascertaining the growth of the sector and its achievables. To make custom build an attractive proposition for the public sector, it is important that we help to shape what good land sites/options should look like.

We also aim to consult with the Department for Communities and Local Government over revisions (simplification) to VAT rules and Stamp Duty Land tax (SDLT). Plus, we are set to work closely with NaCSBA’s Sally Tagg and the Technical Working Group to iron out Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) exemption issues for alternative custom build processes. And when it comes to funding projects, we are helping to find financial solutions for the custom build sector with the support of Buildstore.

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