Self Build on a Shoestring 2013: The Top 16

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‘Self Build on a Shoestring 2013’ was organised by the National Self Build Association (NaCSBA) and the judges included TV presenters Kevin McCloud and Charlie Luxton, the Mayor of Bristol George Ferguson (a former president of the Royal Institute of British Architects) and the chair of NaCSBA, Ted Stevens. Seasoned self builder Geoff Stow was also a judge.

The competition was sponsored by the Grand Designs Live exhibition, and the top 16 entries were displayed at the NEC, Birmingham on the 5th/6th October.

18 shoestring13 ed-greenv2

BarnhausEd Green used a low cost agricultural steel portal frame to deliver a 100m2 Passive home for £41k.

20 shoestring13 mark-eltonv2

SimplehaussustainableBYdesign‘s 85m2 ‘contemporary cottage’ uses the RockShell walling system and costs just under £50k.

26 shoestring13 thread-architects-ltdv2

Basket House was designed by Andy Thomas and Rachel Haynes. Order online, customize to suit, and build the 103m2 home for £50k.

27 shoestring13 jon-broomev2

Jon Broome‘s entry is based on a proven design that delivers a 82m2 terraced Passive house for £45k.

28 shoestring13 james-thomasv2

Ty Ynnos – entered by James Thomas this 3.6m x 3.6m modular structure results in a very flexible 81 m2 home for £49k.

33 shoestring13 toby-carrv2

Sarah Wigglesworth Architects used easy-to-master construction techniques, that creates a well insulated 88 m2 home for £49k.

39 shoestring13 paul-testav2

Paul Testa‘s well planned, adaptable and carefully researched 70m2 Passive home costs £43k.


Raft HouseModece Architects‘ design uses hemplime walls and simple foundations. The materials cost £32k.


Flat Pack houseAudley English and M Jones Architect devised an innovative eco home that cost just under £50k.


Malleable houseAndrew Ip and Jen Kui Choi’s design offered many external options. The basic 108m2 house cost £48.5k.


Pole Cruck HouseYvonne Dean‘s 80m2 eco-design uses mainly natural materials and cost £47k.


Robert Sakula‘s extendable and adaptable low energy house has an initial price tag (for 69m2) of just £43k.


Piercy & Co‘s sharp looking home uses rubber wrapped laminated timber panels. It would cost £69k.


Ian Whittaker‘s design is a very simple 56m2 cube, with a kitchen/bathroom pod. Materials cost just £24k.


£45k BlueHugo Keene‘s house is simple to build and delivers a three bed home for £45k


Axis Designs used offsite systems to help deliver a 75m2 single storey home for £50k

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